Olga Litvinenko is a young and talented Russian watercolorist. She lives and works in St. Petersburg, the city on the Neva River, to which she devoted a large number of her beautiful artworks.

The artist works in different art movements of watercolor painting. Her artworks in the genre of figurative painting amaze with bold artistic performance and the highest professional skills.

Olga’s creativity is widely known in Russia and abroad. The artworks of hers are filled with sunlight and warmth. She uses a rich palette of colours, has her own vision, an individual and extremely interesting manner of watercolor painting.

Olga had graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, the Graphic Department (Postgraduate) and began teaching watercolor painting. Olga Litvinenko is a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia.

Since 1999 Olga has been participating in art exhibitions. She has already participated in more than 50 exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

Olga is a winner of several international competitions and has been published in the authoritative edition of the “Pratique des Arts” magazine.


These are just a few of them:

  • 2015 — the 1st International Watercolor Society India Biennale, Gold Medal, the 1st Best Participant
  • 2016 — the American Watercolor Society’s 149th Annual International Exhibition, High Winds Medal
  • 2016 — the 1st International Watercolor Festival and Exhibition in Budapest, Metal IWS Hungary Plaque, Certificate
  • 2016 — the Hua Hin Bluport World Watercolor Arts Biennale (Thailand), Top 30 Certificate
  • 2017 — the 2nd Tirana International Watercolor Biennale, Ismail Luani Award
  • 2018 — the 1st Universal Watercolour Exposition (Zhuji, China), Bronze Award


The artworks of Olga are preserved in private collections in Russia, Switzerland, America, France, China, Korea and many other countries.

Currently, despite her active participation in exhibitions, the artist teaches a lot, she writes a large number of online lessons, she is constantly invited to conduct workshops in different countries.

At present, despite her active participation in art exhibitions, the artist teaches a lot, records a large number of online classes and is constantly invited to conduct workshops in different countries.

Olga is a benevolent and positive person, the way she teaches is very intelligible and learning with her is always interesting and leads to excellent result in mastering watercolor painting.

She is a true professional of her craft, whose bold brushwork can be argued by the most famous artists.

Latest Exhibition:

2017- IX International Biennale «ART – BRIDGE – WATERCOLOR»2017,Sankt-Petersburg/ First Degree/Nomination landscape

2017- National Watercolor Society’s 97th International Exhibition// Los Angeles

2017- Exhibition of Russian artists in the Russian cultural Center in Rome (18-23 November)

2017- «Masters of Watercolor-Elite 2017» Tirana. Albania

2018- International Watercolor exhibition «Masters of Watercolor 2018 »/Sankt-Petersburg

2018- International Watercolor exhibition «Masters of Watercolor2018»/ Albania/Tirana/FAB Gallery

2018- International Watercolor exhibition Fabriano in Acquarello 2018/Representive Artist

2018-International Watercolor exhibition « The Portrait and the Figure» / Molbert Gallery/ Sankt-Petersburg

2018-Personal exhibition/ Cawah Arts Gallery/Hong-Kong

2018- Biennale International Prize «Marche d’Acqua» Fabriano Watercolour 2018/ Fabriano,Italy

2018- International Watercolor exhibition « Akvarellsommar»/ Konsthall Vast/ Sweden

2018- RE-INTERPRETATION2018.Contemporary European Watercolor Exhibition –HKE Art Museum Ningbo / China.

2018- Watercolor International IV Exhibition in Thessaloniki/ Greece

2018- IWS Country Leaders Exposition 2018 / Shanghai/Hong Museum

2018- The 1st Universal Watercolor Exposition 2018/ Zhuji , China / Bronze Award

2018-The 1st International Watercolor exhibition IWS Russia «Way of the eye, touch of the brush»

2019-The Inaugural Hong Kong International Watercolor Invitational 2019/ Hong Kong Central Library

2019-International Invitational Exhibition of International Female Masters/ Edsvik Konsthall / Sweden

2019-World Watercolor Masters 2019 in Gouga/Nederland

2019-Blue Lake Heaven-Qingdao International Watercolor Exhibition

2019-II International Watercolor Triennal-Varna 2019/ Bulgaria

2019-Re-Interpretation 2019 : Guangzhou International Watercolor Invitational Exhibition

2019 — Personal watercolor exhibition , Aux Andelys /France



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