Galina Gomzina is a talented watercolor painter possessing a high mastery of watercolor technique. Her masterpieces are widely known both in Russia and abroad. Galina was born in St. Petersburg, in a city of extraordinary beauty, where the majestic Neva River and numerous picturesque canals flow. This was the very thing that has influenced the artist’s creativity; in almost all of her works we see the masterly depicted water with enchanting and elusive reflections of the reality surrounding us. These stories that convey a sense of peace and harmony, at the same time are filled with energy and motion. Galina has always been fascinated by water: “Water is a genuine creator. Sometimes it creates its masterpieces only for a moment, and then they disappear into oblivion, only for the new ones to appear… and it’s fascinating for an artist to capture and portray these very moments in a picture…»

Galina has graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy, the Department of Design. But as the artist says, she was attracted by a magical watercolor since her childhood, and began to master it only after graduation.

It was an exciting and complex process, and, as a result, in 2000, Galina started her work as a professional watercolor painter. Her favorite technique is «A la prima», a one-layer watercolor technique on wet paper.

Galina is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Russian Society of Marine Artists.

The artist’s creative biography includes more than 10 solo exhibitions both in Russia and abroad, constant participation in international watercolor exhibitions and the biennale (China, England, Italy, Emirates, Albania, Serbia, etc.), and a large number of publications. So, her work was appreciated by both connoisseurs and non-professional artists in Beijing, where her personal exhibition “Two Venice” was held in 2006.

Her works are located in private collections in Russia and other countries (England, Italy, Spain, America, China, Serbia, etc.)

The artist’s creative life takes place both in her homeland and abroad, on trips to picturesque places that are often unique, far from tourist routes.

Recently, Galina has traveled extensively in Russia with plein air activities, capturing the vast expanse, beauty and harmony of the Russian nature and its old cities.

Among her favourite places are such Russian cities as Suzdal and Pereslavl-Zalessky, where, according to Galina, you can not only work, but also have a true rest for your soul.

Despite her intense exhibition activities, the artist expresses her talent in successful teaching. She conducts watercolor courses, online classes and plein air workshops both in Russia and abroad (Germany, Italy, etc.)

Galina is a very energetic, positive and, as her students say, cheerful person who generously shares the secrets of her skills. She is very creative in conducting her classes, so they are always emotional and productive. Some of her students are already participating in international watercolor exhibitions.

Although Galina is a true professional in her field, she is an everlasting learner and as she herself admits, “… I cannot stop wondering about watercolor opportunities and discover myself the entire world with every new artwork”.

Latest exhibition:

2015 International exhibition of a watercolor in Fabriano (Italy)

2015 International Watercolor Festival in Albania

2016 1th International Watercolor Exhibition in Moscow

2016 International Watercolor Exhibition IWS Pakistan

2016 International Watercolor Biennale Belgrad-Serbia

2015, 2018 International  Watercolor Exhibition  «Masters of Watercolor» (St. Petersburg).

2018 First International Watercolor Festival in UAE

2019 Internationale Festival UrbinoInAcquerello

2019 International Watercolor Exhibition in Bali, Indonesia

2019  1th International Watercolor Grand Masters Exhibition Iws Sare Gallery, Moscow

The most important exhibitions

1992 Collective exhibition in England (Henley-on-Thames)

2003 Personal exhibition in Belgrade (Serbia ) «St. Petersburg 1703-2003» within the international program devoted to the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg.

2003 Personal exhibition in the Moscow Fund of Culture («Two Venice»)

2006 Personal exhibition in «The forbidden city», in Beijing (China) within year of Russia in China.

2010 Personal exhibition «Coasts of Europe» in the Moscow Fund of Culture within year of France in Russia (Moscow)

2011 Personal exhibition «I catch reflections in the mirrored water…» in the State Exhibition Hall (GD) «Tushino».(Moscow)

2011 XVI Moscow art fair ART ARENA 2011 in the Central Exhibition Hall «Arena» (Moscow). Project «… Celestial »

2012 Personal exhibition in the State Art Gallery «Na Kashirke» (Moscow)

2013 ART SALON in the Central House of Artists (Moscow). Project of the gallery»Nakashirka» «Graphics landscape».