Project Creation History and Founders

Project History and Founders

ArtSeasons is a unique and creative project, founded by Galina Gomzina and Alexander Shapovalov. Galina is a talented watercolourist, a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Russian Society of Marine Artists. She has combined her unusual perception of the beauty with Alexander’s exciting ideas.

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Alexander has turned his childhood passion for World and Russian History into a profession, becoming a successful graduate student of the History Faculty.

When talents and hobbies of two people, a mother-artist and a historian researcher-son, had been merged and united, the project with a mission to acquire a better knowledge of Russian Traditions and History through a special creative process was born.

Alexander’s scientific approach to the Ancient Russia History and proficiency in English combined with Galina’s long-term experience in watercolor techniques and her widespread popularity in the creative community are precious resources, sufficient for the project development and promotion among its foreign audience.

Thus, it became possible to implement the mutual idea and reveal the peculiar qualities of national culture through watercolor painting to the project participants from all over the world.


Project Features

  • The main goal is not just a matter of training participants to master a brush as a tool but to introduce various techniques and secrets of one or the other artist. In the future, this will allow to develop their own individual style in watercolor painting
  • The project format is watercolor painting courses, plein air workshops with famous watercolorists carried out in the most beautiful Russian cities
  • The level of participants’ training: all training programs are based on an individual approach to each student. The courses will be interesting for both beginners who take their first steps in watercolor painting and those who are already experienced but continue to master this sophisticated technique
  • The project importance: The project has not only artistic but also cultural merits. We enable foreigners who are in love with watercolor painting to get acquainted through creativity with real Russia and its unique culture.


ArtSeasons Geography

The ArtSeasons project implies participants will visit various cities of Russia, famous for their beauty and cultural identity. Suzdal is the first destination in our art journey, and that is no coincidence. Suzdal is the Pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia and an open-air museum. Suzdal is conceived by numerous tourists to be one of the most hospitable cities in Russia. These are picturesque places where open spaces of extraordinary beauty fascinate and time seems to stay still.


Free hours

After major courses, participants can walk along the high banks of the charming Kamenka River, where majestic white-stone temples are looming. You can enjoy your time while merrymaking among creative people, make new friends, share artistic expertise and, of course, taste Medovukha, a traditional Slavic drink.

As part of the course, other interesting excursions also await you. You can find more information on our website in the Terms and Conditions section.

Each foreign guest who participates in the watercolor courses can pick up his / her hand-painted pictures of Russian picturesque places. And these landscape sketches will keep reminding this fascinating and memorable journey for a long time.


Additional Features

  1. Full visa support from project organizers, if necessary
  2. Meeting at the airport and transferring to the hotel, cozy and comfortable rooms are booked in advance as part of the watercolor course
  3. Ability to attend a watercolor course with family members. Our partners will take care of your family’s comfortable hotel accommodation
  4. At the end of the course, you can continue your journey around Russia if you wish. Excursion programs are individually tailored by our partners: places, locations and themes are being selected by request.


You can find more information on our website in the Terms and Conditions section.